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Olukunle Benjamin Oluwole (@Obobanj) is one of the top public speakers in Nigeria, he is an author, Christian apologist, motivational speaker and President of Olukunle Oluwole Foundation an NGO positioned to help Communities, Family and fight against child abuse around the world.

For more than 5 years, Olukunle Benjamin has devoted himself to community development, campaigning against child abuse in the society and motivating young one’s for a better tomorrow (future). As a speaker, he has spoken across various communities and school’s in Nigeria and has toured more than 25 communities and 8 institutions.

Olukunle Benjamin has spoken on leadership, relationship management, talent discovery, work-life balance, mastering change, individual competitiveness, creative presentation and business communication to mention few. “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence”.

He is the author of “Why We Die”, The Dignity of a Child”, a practical guide to reason why all men die and the dignity of an African Child has.

Olukunle Benjamin is the convener of the recently (Twitter) social network acclaimed platform “The Obobanj Show”, a 100% interactive platform aimed at voicing out issues going on in communities and country at large providing views of solution to the problems placing people at the fore, Olukunle Benjamin Oluwole empowers the bulks of the economically active population through the platform of “The Obobanj Show”.

Olukunle Benjamin mass empowerment initiative where he inspires individuals to operate at their peak for outstanding achievements and government to rise to the rescue of communities decaying in their various endeavours aimed at lasting change along the trail.

His leadership acumen has been felt on a more personal level as coach to a serving local government chairman in Nigeria. He is loved by the Nigerian youths and regarded as one of the Icons of the next generation.

People around the globe know Olukunle Benjamin Oluwole as a noted Network Marketer, Author, Writer, Christian Apologist, Sport Analyst and founder of Olukunle Oluwole Foundation. His TV programChildren’s Today! (Campaign against Child Abuse and Cause of Poverty) is among the world’s most-watched programs, seen daily in some countries and view on bebo.com, Youtube etc.

But there is much more to the story of the man and vision of establishment, now impacting the world with the life-saving, address a variety of issues and causes, ranging over scientific exchanges, religion, emergency aid, and humanitarian affairs, devoted to the welfare of children, for communities to be able to provide for the health and well being of their members, and families can achieve lives of hope, good health, and self-sufficiency.


Olukunle Oluwole B. was born on June 5, 1987, in Akoko of Ondo State, Nigeria, my family set up residence in Offa, Kwara State, where i was brought up. I went to Bethel Nursery and Primary School, Erin-Ile kwara State in 1989 -1998 where i got my primary school education.

In 1998 Olukunle Oluwole B. life took another journey of education at Erin-Ile Secondary School for Junior Certificate till 2001, he then proceed on to achieve it Senior School Certificate at Oyun Baptist High School, Ijagbo-Offa, Kwara State in 2001-2005 where he graduated. Olukunle Oluwole B. Move on by becoming the first African Student with SOON CHRISTIAN PUBLICATION DERBY in England to graduate on a high point with three (3) years course in 2005-2007. He went to University of Lagos (UNILAG) in 2007 to 2011 for Bsc. In Accounting. There is still many more to read and write about him, various place where he had work and live, You will find more in his soon release book call (Beginning of Failure and Child Fault)

Olukunle Oluwole B. Was given a Scholarship by SOON Publication in Derby England to study Information Technology with ITBusinessEdge(Business Technology Research) “IBM” where he was awarded a certificate in Information Technology in 2008.

Olukunle Oluwole B. is from a penticostal parent family of Three children of One daughter and Two sons where he was the second born of three children.

The foundation is working towards it own television studio to be located in Offa, Kwara State Nigeria, we need your support and contribution towards achieving this. The corporate headquarters for Olukunle Oluwole Foundation is located in Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria very soon the headquarter will be shifted to Offa Kwara State after the complexion of the Television Studio.

Olukunle Oluwole Foundation also engaged in crisis relief, children’s homes, and feeding programs, as well as hospital and emergency care. During the past year alone, not only did his foundation help provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and religious training for 46,368 children around the globe (including partnerships with 31 different organisation and relief agencies). 

Taking the Saving, Reviving, Hope rendering and potential’s discovery to the World:

Today, Olukunle Oluwole Foundation continues to take the message of taking the Saving, Reviving, Hope rendering and potential’s discovery to the World. Millions are reach with the mutual assistance rendered by the Foundation. During recent years, he has been welcomed during his travels by Kings, Prime Ministers, and Heads of State, Community Chief’s (The gift of a Man make room for him before kings and Governors) yet his message taking the Saving, Reviving, Hope rendering and potential’s discovery and Campaign against Child Abuse and Poverty to the World continues to be fervent, motivating him to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

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